Britain Worst for Road Rage

A recent survey suggests that British roads are the worst in the word in terms of road rage incidents. Before we get too excited here in Thailand, and think that we have finally found an area that Thailand isn't the worst place in the world to be a driver, it is worth pointing out that while Britain does top the list, the list in this case only includes 20 major nations, and Thailand is not included.

The survey also deals with only three categories....

Drunken Bus Driving Rampage Ends In Mob Murder

A 19-year-old lad gets drunk, and early in the moring decides to take a bus for a drunken joy ride in Bangkok. He crashes into approximately 10 vheicles thereby attracting the rage of an angry mob. When he attempts to leave the bus he is beaten, kicked and stabbed to death by the mob.

View the article here: Bangkok Post Article

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Rage Against 'Rich Law Breaker'

Another rich and well connected Thai man has gotten himself involved in a road traffic 'accident'. And, naturally he has then attempted to use his status to avoid having to man up.

Ladprao Road Flood Photos

The flooding that has been making life difficult for millions in Thailand since July is now inundating Bangkok. We took a camera and here are some images from Ladprao road taken yesterday.

Bangkok Flood Image

"Take off your shoes." That's what the driver of this bus shouted at  this young man. Audi A6 being rescued from a flooded lane.

Protect your car from the floods - How to

With the flood water moving in and affecting the lives of millions of people in Thailand and the region, and with climate change proponents predicting more of the same in the years ahead, it might be wise to have some plans in place to protect your transportation.

Taxi Image

Here are some practical ways to avoid flood damage to your car.

Truck driving slowly through a flooded road in Bangkok Taxi with a exhaust extension, just waiting for the water to flow into it!

Bombs hit eight car showrooms in Thai south

BANGKOK - Bombs hit eight car and motorcycle showrooms in Thailand's rebellious Muslim south almost simultaneously on Thursday, wounding nine people, despite post-coup government gestures to encourage peace, police said.

Police said they had been on the alert for attacks in Yala a day after Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont visited the city.

"We knew they were going to do these, but we didn't expect the showrooms to be the target," Yala police chief Major General Paitoon Chuchaiya told Reuters by telephone.

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