Obsessed With Cars - What makes sense?

Now for something a little different. Most people visiting this site are more than a little into cars. And the fact that I've been blogging about them for over 3 years might suggest that I'm also a little car crazy.

Here is a video to help keep things in perspective. There are many things more important than cars, starting with our relationship with Jesus Christ. There is a well known fact that what you drive says something about you. But it might not work exactly the way you think.

How to Jump Start a Car

Do you know the proper technique for jump starting a car with a flat battery? Maybe you do, or maybe you think you do. Either way it can't hurt to read this so that there isn't any doubt.

First, I'd like to dispel a commonly held misconception that connecting a healthy battery to a flat battery can damage the good battery, or the car that it is in.

This is not true. If you do it right it will not cause any harm at all.

The other common misconception is that you need to connect the negative terminals first. This is also bogus. In fact, you connect the positive terminals first!

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