Not "ONLY" in Thailand

Road accidents happen all the time in Thailand. And while it is very true to say that travelling on the roads here is dangerous, it is sometimes easy to forget that crazy "accidents" can happen anywhere that cars and bikes can be found. Here are a few examples from places outside Thailand, just to remind us that it isn't "only in Thailand":

First, in this video it seems that a group of friends are driving in convo. Skip to 45 seconds, and watch for the motorbike with a somewhat distracted guy who also forgot to put on a helmet:

Ouch! I still wonder what distracted him.

Next up, this one is pretty strange. Early in the video, we see a slight accident. After that, as mopeds continue to speed by on the inside of the Nissan involved in the accident, one of the passengers of that car opens his door:

Again, ouch.

This next video is a compilation of accidents from China. Most of them are horrific, view with caution, most people will find this one disturbing:

Still not convinced that other countries have dangerous roads? Here is another compilation, this time, the majority of the accidents seem to be from Russia:

There are many more videos that I could post that would demonstrate that every nation has its share of reckless drivers, drunk drivers, etc. None of this is to say that Thailand is safe, far from it. Thailand is a dangerous country, the road deaths here are among the worst in the world. All this post is trying to do is to remind us all that it isn't only Thailand.

I have heard some people say things like "Thai people don't know how to drive properly" or "Thailand should have cars, people here aren't ready for them." The reality is that cars are being driven badly worldwide.