Honda Civic Cut in Half - Accident

These pictures of a 2005-2008 model Honda Civic are being circulated via email forwards. The car appears to have been cut in half. Noice in the image of the front section of the car, you can see the rear section of the car resting about 20-30 metres away.

Crashed Honda Civic Image

Honda to Rejoin Thai MPV market with "Freed"?

Honda Freed Image

Honda is likely to rejoin the MPV market in Thailand with a all-new model: the Freed. Just launched in Japan, the Freed is rumoured to be on the way to Thailand as early as this year.

Camry Hybrid for Thailand in 2009

Toyota Camry Hybrid

Toyota will begin production of the Camry Hybrid in Thailand in 2009. Toyota is to produce 9,000 units a year in Thailand, starting in 2009.

In order to make the adjustments to the assembly line at the Gateway plant in Chachoengsao province, Toyota is making an investment of THB 90 million.

Government E85 Policy - (What) are they thinking?

The Thai government is pressing ahead with an accelerated introduction of their E85 policy, and while this might seem like good news, some are already starting to question the wisdom of this decision. Here are some thoughts on E85, and the way it is being pushed.

Proton Enjoying Strong Sales Beating Targets

proton logo

Malaysian car marker Proton has raised sales targets from 2,000 units to 5,000 units for 2008. The previous estimate seems to have been overly conservative based on first-quarter sales of 1,500 units.

Increasing fuel prices are helping Proton, as customers are turning to smaller cars like the Savvy. And it is the Savvy that is Proton's most popular model in Thailand, accounting for approximately half of all sales for the company. The Gen-2 is next with around 30% of sales, and finally the Neo with around 20% of the total.

2008 Honda Jazz Review - Best now Better

The new Honda Jazz is now trickling into Honda dealers around Thailand, and is available for test drive. Having taken the car out to see how it drives, I'd like to share my opinions.

2008 Honda Fit - Yellow

2008 Bangkok International Motor Show : Sales figures

The 2008 Bangkok International Motor Show was a big success, and with sales of over 18,000 units, things are looking good for the industry in 2008.

Some of the sales figures are very interesting, and while Toyota, Honda and Isuzu continue to top the charts as usual, there are some interesting surprises.

Eco Car Project Pricing Clue

Either there is an error in the article below, or Eco-Cars are going to be expensive. Taken from the Bangkok Post, the article below is mostly stuff you will have already heard about the Eco-Car project.

Space Up Concept Image

But it seems that this article does answer a question that many are interested to know: What will Eco-Cars cost? Or perhaps the best way to put it is: How cheap will Eco-Cars be?

As you scan down through the article you eventually meet this statement:

Thailand's small eco-cars will be selling in the range of $16,000 and up.

2008 Bangkok Motor Show Coverage

The 2008 Bangkok International Motor Show is over. If you didn't catch it, or if you are interested in finding out what was new at the show, or if you just want to see some photos from the show here are a few useful links to help you navigate to what you want on

Articles related to this years Motor Show can be found listed here.

Galleries from the show can be linked to from the relevant articles, or you can find them here.

I'm still adding content, both images and articles, so this is the best way to keep a check on the latest articles. Actually the best way is to subscribe to our RSS feed, but failing that, try these links.

2008 Bangkok International Motor Show : Naza Forza

Correction : The Naza Forza with airbags and alloy wheels actually carries a THB 30,000 premium over the standard model. This means that at THB 379,000 it is approaching Proton Savvy money. Also, these prices are introductory, and although Naza has extended the duration of the reduction period. Sorry for the error in the original posting.

2008 Bangkok International Motor Show : Chevrolet Colorado CNG

Chevrolet Thailand gave us a look at their Colorado CNG at the Bangkok International Motor Show that ended on Sunday. Chevrolet already has a factory equipped CNG version of the Optra sedan and estate on the market, and this CNG version of Chevrolet's one-ton pick-up has been on the cards for a few years now.

Read on for more information and pictures from the show...

2009 Nissan Teana Leaked

The 2009 Nissan Teana will be officially unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show in a few weeks time. However, as is usually the case, and thanks to the internet, nothing is sacred anymore, and dealer sales manual images have been leaked out of Japan. Although the quality of these images isn't the best, it gives us a pretty clear impression of the 2008 Nissan Teana.

Read on for more images.

2008 Bangkok International Motor Show : Nissan Intima Concept

Car shows in Thailand are basically glorified showroom. Thankfully some of the car makers still get the idea, and offer at least one concept car. At the back of the Nissan display, on a raised revolving platform sat the Nissan Intima concept.

Nissan Intima Image

2008 Bangkok International Motor Show : Tata Xenon

Tata Motors used the Bangkok International Motor Show to unveil the Tata Xenon, and showcase several other models with the hope of making an impression. The show ended today, and if you didn't get to visit it and are curious to hear some comments on the Tata offerings, I'll do my best to give you an idea of the impact the Xenon made on me.

Tata exibit

2008 Bangkok International Motor Show : 2nd Generation Honda Jazz

The new Honda Jazz is attracting a lot of attention at the Bangkok International Motor Show, the event that Honda decided to use to launch the 2nd generation Jazz. In much the same way as the new Accord stole the 2007 Motor Expo, the Jazz did the same job for Honda at the 2008 Motor Show, with the Honda exhibit constantly crowded with visitors pouring all over the new car.

Honda Jazz

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