Exclusive - 2007 Chevrolet Captiva Spy Shots

With the Thailand International Motor Expo just a few weeks away it's to be expected that auto makers will be preparing to debut the odd new addition to their lineups.

We caught up with one of these in Bangkok this evening. At first we believed that we were looking at Honda's new CR-V under heavy disguise, and when we got closer we were sure we saw a Honda badge poking out from under the cladding on the rear of the car.

However, when we followed it into a Hyundai/Chevrolet joint service center and got a look at the side profile, and front mirrors it was clear we were not looking at a Honda, but rather the new 2007 Chevrolet Captiva.


Captiva Side

The image quality of these photos is poor as they were taken using my mobile phone's VGA camera, but it's still possible to make out enough detail to identify that this is without question the Captiva. So, we can expect to see this at the Motor Expo.


The Captiva joins the Optra and Aveo to build on Chevrolet's range of Korean engineered vehicles. It should compete well with SUV rivals like the CR-V, but unlike the 5-seat 2007 CR-V the Captiva will offer up a 7 seater. And the Captiva is a much better looking machine! To see what I mean you can compare the image below with those of the CR-V found here.

2007 Chevrolet Captiva