More 2008 Mazda2 images emerge

2008 Mazda2

It might be 2 more years before the Mazda2 reaches Thailand, and a lot will happen between now and then, so the question might be, will it be worth waiting for? After all, Honda will have a new Jazz on the market, and the Toyota Yaris should still hold up well against any newcomers perhaps receiving its midlife update sometime in 2009. Will the Mazda2 have any impact on the market?

Details of the Mazda2 are still sketchy at the moment ahead of it's worldwide launch at the Geneva Motor Show. For now all we have to go on are images and some information about engine lineups on offer. Although we can safely assume that there will be only one engine in the Thai 2, and that will almost certainly be the 1.5 liter petrol unit. This would pit the Mazda directly in with the Jazz and Yaris.

Volvo aims to double Thai sales in 2007, banking on new C30 and S80 models

C30 Small

Volvo are set to launch a number of new models in Thailand this year, with the hopes of doubling sales performance of 2006. The first of these new models is the C30 hot hatch which will be on display at the Bangkok International Motor Show starting at the end of March.

Toyota accepting bookings on new Vios

It would seem that the Toyota Vios will be replaced very soon and Toyota are accepting bookings on the new model. In January we reported that the new Vios had been spotted testing in Bangkok, and this suggested that a launch at or before the Bangkok International Motor Show.

The Vios has been a massive success for Toyota, largely because there is so little competition in the sub-compact sedan market. Until the launch of the Chevrolet Aveo last year, the Toyota Vios and Honda City were sharing the market, with the Vios easily trumping the City in terms of sales.

Now there are three vehicles in this segment, and Toyota will be hoping that the new Vios will be as successful as the model it replaces. Based on the new Yaris platform the Vios has been on sale in Japan for some time with the "Belta" badge. The images below are of the Belta, but we can expect the Vios to be virtually identical to the Japanese model.

2008 Mazda Demio (Mazda 2) - Thailand by 2009?


In November 2006 Mazda revealed that they would be producing the Mazda Demio in Thailand, beginning in 2009. The Demio is more likely to be called the Mazda2 here in Thailand as it will sit directly below the bigger 3.

Thailand produced 1,188,044 vehicles in 2006

A total of 1,188,044 automobiles were produced in Thailand in 2006, consisting of 298,819 passenger cars (with exports of 541,206 units), and 866,769 units of one-ton pickup trucks (increase of 5.34%) resulting in 240,764 million Baht of exports.

Toyota opening "green factory" in Ban Po

Toyota continued to work for the environment by injecting 15 billion Baht opening up its "green factory" using the most advanced energy conserving techniques, hoping to be the center for further study on environmental-friendly technology.

Honda achieved 14% growth in 2006


Honda announced the sales target of 70,000 units in 2007 after achieving 66,000 units in 2006 (increase of 14% from the previous year). 26,000 units of Civic has been sold so far this year. Honda is expecting fierce competition this year due to launch of new cars being lined up by different manufacturers, and is planning to respond with 145 Honda dealers throughout Thailand.

Chevrolet to open THB600 million parts delivery center

Chevrolet Logo

GM's budget brand, Chevrolet, has plans to open a new Parts Delivery Center to meet demands for servicing going forward.

Chevrolet has built up total vehicle sales of over 100,000 units, and expect growth to continue thanks to competitive pricing and 5-year warranties across the range. The range is also growing with the recent introduction of the Aveo, and the expected addition of the Captiva later this year.

Typical Thai Bus! No.... really!

Thai Bus

This bus is outrageous, and the first time you see one like it blasting past you on a busy Thai highway you might be forgiven for thinking that someone had slipped something into one of your drink. But soon you will realize that it is necessary if you own a bus in Thailand to make it look at least as crazy as this.

If you haven't seen one of these buses before this article and attached photos should give you some idea.

Nissan expect Frontier Navara to pickup sales

Small Navara

Siam Nissan Automobile believe that 2007 will be their year! According to reports, Nissan are projecting sales in Thailand to increase by anything between 42% (Bangkok Post) and 80% (ANTARA News, Japan) this year.

Nissan are banking on a healthy sales boost to result from the launch of the all new Frontier Navara pickup truck which, according to the Nissan website, will be released in 5 days.

Given that the Navara will be the biggest and most powerful truck on the Thai market, it would seem reasonable for Nissan to expect big things.

Totoya recalls 530,000 vehicles in the US

Toyota Tundra Small

Toyota's reputation for producing cars with "bulletproof" reliability has been tarnished yet again as the company has been forced to recall around 530,000 vehicles from the Tundra pickup truck and the Sequoia SUV range.

Apparently the Toyota is to replace steering joints in the vehicles, which have been wearing away too quickly, which has resulted in 11 accidents due to difficulties handling the vehicles once the fault occurs.

C-Class shows some class


It's official. I now consider the BMW 3-Series to be the least desirable car in its class. The C-Class held that title even when the new 3-series came along looking like each of the panels had been designed by a different person in a different country, and then welded together by someone before they stepped back to take a look at the ugly results. Sure I'm being harsh, the 3-Series isn't the ugliest car in the world, the 1-Series claims that prize, but in its segment the 3-Series is visually unappealing.

The C-Class, while not being quite as ugly as the 3-Series, remained too boring to have any appeal at all.

Today all that has changed!

Toyota Vios replacement testing in Bangkok

The replacement for the Toyota Vios has been spotted in Thailand, and we were correct in assuming that the Japanese Belta was going to be the basis for the car. But that was over a year ago, and we also thought the new model would roll out in 2006! So we didn't get it all right.

Looking very like a Yaris with a boot, the new Vios is likely to share much in common with the 5-door hatchback in addition to the underpinnings, and engine.

Nissan Teana lost in translation, but retains rear suspension

In my opinion Nissan Thailand have one of the best websites of any of the auto makers. It's clearly laid out, has a very comprehensive English version, and you have access to all the specifications that tend to be missing from other sites.

But on the specification listing for the Nissan Teana, it would appear that a few details have been lost in translation.

2008 C-Class brochure shots leaked

2008 C-Class

Update : More images added (18/1/07)

Seems somebody has spilled some pictures of the official C-Class brochure onto the web prior to its official release.

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