Motor Expo Most Wanted - Toyota FJ Cruiser

FJ Cruiser Small Image

Yesterday we started to take a look at Toyota, and make suggestions about cars that we'd like to see at the Motor Expo. Now, I know that there is little or no hope of Toyota bringing any of these vehicles to Thailand, but surely there would be a market for some interesting cars here. Often car makers make claim to understand the market here, claiming that they know what Thai motorists want.

While this may be so, did anybody ask them if they want the FJ Cruiser? No? I didn't think so.

Toyota FJ Crusier

I am not usually a fan of trucks, or jeeps, or SUVs or 4x4's in general. Frankly I don't live on a ranch, and have no need for off-road ability. Refinement, economy, safety and minimal environmental impact are things that drive my decision making process when I go shopping for a car. But I have to admit, if Toyota had this thing parked next to the Yaris in the show area it would be hard to pass by.

FJ Cruiser Yellow

You'd be forgiven for mistaking this for a concept car, but it's on the road in the US, looking exactly like this! You can keep your Fortuner Toyota.... let's have this one!

FJ Cruiser Old and New

This bold retro look has some legitimacy in Toyota history, (that's the 1960 FJ Cruiser in the picture above) and if Volkswagen and Mini can do it, why not Toyota.

FJ Cruiser open

Perhaps it's not all that practical, but it sure looks cool, and with prices ranging from $21,000 to $24,000 in the American market, surely it would be possible to make it competitive if built locally. Priced at 1.2 million baht it would do nicely. Toyota could put the engines right out of the Fortuner/Vigo including the 2.7 VVTi petrol option.

FJ Cruiser Interior

The interior design is probably the weakest point of the FJ Cruiser. However, this is designed to be a utility vehicle, rugged rather than pretty. Looks functional though, and there is loads of room!

Toyota, build it here and they will sell.