Flex Fuel Vehicle Retro Fit

A Brazilian solution to our Gasohol problem? Maybe not, but this device may be of interest to those of you following the Gasohol story here in Thailand.

ABCesso, a Brazilian Technology company, has produced an add-on device which will essentially convert most petrol cars into Flex Fuel Vehicles capable of running E85, pure petrol, or any blend of ethanol and petrol. This would include our local Gasohol 95 (E10).

Thailand's "Gasohol" campaign has been on the go for years. Over a year ago we did a feature on Gasohol 95, and tried to clarify what it was all about.

Since then we've been expecting the imminent removal of standard 95 octane petrol from the Thai market, and this is of concern to many car owners in Thailand. Particularly owners of older cars, or even modern cars with engines that are not friendly to either 91 octane, or Gasohol 95.

Brazil is a pioneer of sorts in the ethanol fuel industry, and have established models for production and use of ethanol as a auto fuel that Thailand would do well to borrow from.

This device from ABCesso is aimed at the US market, since vehicles in Brazil are already designed to run on ethanol blends, and will not need further modifications.

More information can be found on the ABCesso website.