Focus 5 Dr 2.0 Sport

I just purchased the above car and I have to say so far I am very impressed. I have only owned one ford in my life and that was when I lived in the states and was dazled by the new Ford Probe. However, I quickly traded it in for something else! Not that I was not impressed it felt a bit weak under the hood. I bought the smaller engine which was my first mistake.

Therefore, when I purchased this Focus I had that lesson in history so I managed to get the 2.0 engine and I am much more impressed. I need to clock some more miles on it in order to really have a valid opinion but so far my expectations are better then expected. Especially with Fords 0% interest. Paying down half and paying the rest off in a 2 year loan with 0% interest is unbeatable in todays car buying... even if Ford didnt get the savings on the tax cuts it was promised they must sale these cars somehow!

I did have a question if anyone knew the answer. I heard that the Focus has a air intake near the front spoiler which is real low and dangerous to drive in high water.. Does anyone know more detail on this? For now the focus is parked in my driveway wishing to be driven- instead I am driving our Soluna in the rain!!

I am hoping more Focus owners will step forward so we can begin to similuate a conversation or two.

This is a nice website and very nicely laid out Peter. I just wish more people would also find it.