Motor Show 2008 - Ford: Let's get ready for a surprise!

Ford Surprise

Ford have a surprise in store for visitors to the Bangkok International Motor Show, kicking off on 28 March at Bitec. Ford's website has a little button suggesting that there is going to be a surprise at the motor show, and offers free tickets.

Following the link brings you to a page which seems to give away everything. Surprised?

A surprise awaits you at the 2008 Motor Show!

Are you ready for the first Grand Motor Show of 2008? Ford will be show-casing its latest automotive technology, fantastic model line-up and will give you a glimpse into the future of Ford in Thailand.Come and meet the Ford Verve Concept Car, setting the vision for the future of all small cars, at its first ever public showing in Thailand! Be amazed by the sporty design of the New Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2008 and take the opportunity to become the proud owner of a Ford Everest Navi Edition, which comes with Alpine DVD player and Touch Screen GPS Navigation System for your comfort and safety. Try the New Ford Focus, with its stunning new look and fuel-efficient Gasohol E-20 petrol or diesel engines, or get away from the hustle and bustle of the city in the New Ford Escape, with its powerful American-bred sports engine, unique 4WD Control Trac II system and four airbags for worry-free driving to any destination.

Reading that lot it is hard to see where the surprise is coming from? This seems to cover their entire range, and makes it sound like it's all new across the board. Apart from the Verve concept (the basis for the Fiesta), all the other cars are simply minor change models. The Fiesta is a possible surprise, but given that the Verve concept is making an appearance, it is possible we won't see the Fiesta just yet.

Anyway, if you want free tickets to the show you need to be fast, Ford have 500 to give away.