Chevrolet Service Centre - Shock Price Difference!

Chevrolet owners in Bangkok: Shop around for your servicing!! Today we took our Chevrolet Optra to the Chevrolet Dealership on Ram Intra road, the one next to Foodland. The car was up for its 60,000 km service and since the Optra needs a new timing belt at this interval the quote for the service was approximately THB 10,000. This didn't surprise me, although it is an insane amount of money for servicing on a car of this class, because the dealer had given me a heads up at 50,000 km that it would be around THB 10,000 at 60k.

Chevrolet Optra

Although the money didn't put me off, the time did. They needed all day with the car, and I wasn't prepared to be without it that long, so we decided to check out some other Chevrolet Service Centres. First my wife called the dealer on Nawamin Rd. They quoted approximately THB 8,000 for the service. Surprised at the THB 2,000 difference we checked out one other Service Center, the one on Ladprao Soi 101. This time, I was even more surprised at the figure quoted: THB 15,000!!

THB 7,000 is a very big difference! My lack of patients this morning resulted in us saving THB 2,000.

I am not aware of other manufacturers having dealers with such diverse price differences on the servicing. For example Honda Thailand have a service interval price index, outlining the cost at each step.