Mazda Customer Priorities

Mazda 3

Before creating the 3, Mazda went out and asked their customers for help in defining the car. They asked what the global market wanted in a car and then went to work creating a car to match those demands. Sounds good right? This should mean that the resulting car will meet the needs of the target market.

Well, it would work out like that if they asked their customers rather than asking school kids, as seems to be the case.

Taken from the Mazda 3 web page:

According to the market survey, there were four global for the new sporty compact, which was penned to become Mazda3. The worldwide customer requirements can be met by;

  • A car that the owner could show off proudly to others.
  • A car featuring an emotive and evocative form.
  • A car providing stability, safety and peace of mind.
  • A car with an ageless and timeless appeal.

Who did they ask? Nice to see that safety featured in there at all.

If these are the real findings of a real survey then it's a little worrying. I would much rather own a car which was based on more mature requirements than having "an emotive and evocative form".

By the way, I didn't edit this text at all. And there were "four global for the new sporty compact". Please Mazda, please don't listen to your customers anymore. If they'd asked me I would have said something along the lines of:

  • A car that is safe
  • A car featuring low running costs
  • A car that is easy on the environment
  • A car that I will be happy to drive

If a Mazda marketing person approached you and asked for your opinion on the top 4 requirements for a car, would any of them be: "A car I can show off to my mates?"