2008 Toyota Altis will Launch at Expo

2008 Altis

Toyota will officially unveil the all-new 2008 Altis in Thailand at the 2007 Thailand Motor Expo at the end of the month. Visitors to the show will have the opportunity to view the car and place orders, but first deliveries will start in January 2008.

Typically the Thailand Motor Expo is not worth the effort, but this year might be different, with Toyota, Honda, Chevrolet, and Proton all choosing to unveil and launch new models at the event. In previous years the show has been little more than an oversized showroom, with only currently available models being shown. New car launches were more typical at the Bangkok International Motor Show, but perhaps this is the start of a trend. It seems that November/December is a better time to launch new models for the new-year sales window.

More details about the new Altis here.