'Ford Mega Exciting Day'

Yes, there is an event called the 'Ford Mega Exciting Day', an official Ford Thailand event to mark the 11th year in Thailand for the company. And despite the name making it seem that it is a one-day event, it is actually a weekend deal.

The Ford Thailand website has an enticing blurb to promote the event.

Here, you will be really excited by a comprehensive array of Ford Executive Cars and Demo Cars, plus a whole range of latest new Ford vehicles such as Ford Escape, Ford Ranger, Ford Everest and Ford Focus, all available at very, very special prices! Visitors will also be entertained by a mini concert by Jennifer Kim.

Notice the '... very, very special prices!'

Another interesting inclusion is the first ever 'second world premier':

At this event, the all-new Ford Ranger Wildtrak will also be making its second world premiere in Thailand, second only to its European debut.

Anyway, the Ford Ranger Wildtrak might sound good, but it is little more than a 4-door 4x4 Ranger with some little extras to make it look different. They include:

  • Sporty roof rack
  • Distinctively designed sports bar
  • Strong bars to strengthen the load area
  • Ford boot liner
  • Stainless-steel scuff plates with the engraved ‘Wildtrak’ logo
  • Distinctive ‘Wildtrak’ stickers placed at door frames and rear gate

Although none of this will make any real difference to the vehicle, the result is a nice looking truck.

Ford Ranger Wildtrak

The 'Ford Mega Exciting Day' will be from Friday July 6th until Sunday July 8th, 2007, at Robinson Ratchadapisek, from 10.00-21.00 daily.

For more information check out the Ford Thailand website news pages.