Subaru THB 300 million investment in 'Beyond Ordinary Showroom'

Subaru Impreza

Subaru vehicles are imported to Thailand by Motor Image Subaru, and they have just invested THB 300 million on a new showroom and service center. Located on Serithai road, the facility is intended to expand the profile of the brand, as well as prepare for future investments.

As with the majority of cars imported in CBU form, Subaru models are expensive when compared to locally built opposition, and so it is important for Motor Image Subaru to project the image of a premium brand (owing to the premium pricing.)

The showroom has been dubbed "Beyond Ordinary Showroom", although I hope this is just a bad translation from the Thai name which probably sounds fantastic rather than anticlimactic as the English. Apparently there is a small test track allowing potential buyers to test out the dynamics of the cars before buying, as well as all the other luxurious facilities that you'd expect from a brand trying to extract premium prices from its customers.

That said, the Subaru brand is enjoying strong growth in Thailand, and thanks to the AFTA and JTEPA trade agreements which will reduce import duty on larger engine sizes, Subaru is expecting sales to increase. From January to March this year Subaru sold just 13 cars in Thailand, up from 10 for the same period last year.