dont buy Honda accord's go for the toyota Camry

Though id share my experience with the Honda Accord manufactured in thailand and Honda service centers.

I own a 2003 Thai built Honda accord 3.0, currently with 65,000 Kmh, i would say that every once in a while the car has some issues. since 2003 ive had two power steering pumps fail, luckly replaced under waranty, the dashboard system faild once and they replaced the system with a new one. still under waranty. When i first purchased the car there was a problem with one of the cars rims, a small hole was found in the rim, due to manufacturing error, they replaced it with a totally new rim for free. A month before my waranty ran out, my sterio deck which also controls the aircon temp failed, they replaced that too.

Thats probably about all the major problems i can think of, little fit and finish problems and other minor issues were fixed by myself or got my local non Honda related mechanic to repair. It seems like everytime i take my car into Honda Service on Sathron road, it always takes them ages to fix even the smallest of things. they claim that there is a very long service waiting list, just shows that lots of other people are having Honda servicing done on their cars.

I love the cars performance and comfort, but unreliable customer support, slow maitenance and reliability isuues that remind me of old British made cars is slowly starting to make me more and more unattracted to the Honda name.

I took my car in last month to get some body work done, check the CD player which does not play CD's anymore and check the transmittion which im almost convinced is dead, I called them today asking if my car was done as it was told i would get it today. they said they havent checked the transmittion yet, probabaly another two weeks then.

I think im going to buy the new Camry sooner or later. Its a very nice car, too bad the V6 Camry is so overpriced. If anybody is in the Market for a Honda accord, dont do it, go for the Camry. My Boss owns both the current and previous generation Camrys both are very good cars and much more relible and well built than the Honda Accords.