Buying family car...

Hey all,

This is a bit of a overlap to some of the posts I have done but just to get the forum rolling here.

I am looking for a family car, i.e. with lots of space for stuff in the boot, etc. Any suggestions for the coming year?

Was waiting for the Honda Stream but it now seems it will not come. The Wish is not so great. I don't understand why the second row is two seats because the third row is so tiny that the car effectively takes 4 people....

I have also been looking at the SUV sector since they can also perform similar functions. The CRV looks ok, but I would prefer a lower car. Peter posted about the Captiva, but will have to check that out.

The Fortuner is so high and is like a tank.

Any other alternatives? Will the CX-7 come? Let's wait and see? How about the mazda 5?