Chevrolet extends warranty by 2 years

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Chevrolet has announced an extension of its warranty duration by an additional 2 years, or an additional 100,000km, which ever comes first. This effectively means that all new Chevrolet models in Thailand come with the peace-of-mind of a 5-year, 200,000km warranty.

The program is called "Chevrolet Platinum Warranty" and will be introduced to the entire Chevrolet network throughout Thailand.

Mr. John Thomson, Sales and Marketing Vice President for Chevrolet Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd., expects to finish out 2006 with a total of 35,000 unit sales in Thailand, consisting of 25,000 Colorados, 6,000 Optras and 4,000 Aveos.

Existing Chevrolet owners needn't feel hard-done-by either, since the warranty will be applied retroactively.

So if you have an Aveo, Optra, Optra Estate, Zafira, or Colorado which is under the current 3-year or 100,000 km warranty, which is under 32-months old, then you will benefit from the new warranty terms.

However, there appears to be some differences in the way the warranty is applied, and I would recommend that you contact Chevrolet directly to determine exactly what cover you receive. It seems that all mechanical repairs will be covered by a quality guarantee, but new cars will include unlimited claims, with no limitation on the claims value, and the company will guarantee to use only new parts for repairs and replacements. This would suggest that they do not offer the same guarantee.

Mr. Thomson also admitted that they often heard about the problems after the 3-year warranty had expired and cited this as a reason for creating this new program.

No disrespect to Mr. Thomson, but there might be other motivating factors for implementing this program, other than wishing to keep customers happy.

GM is focusing most of its efforts in Thailand behind the Chevrolet brand, and this latest move should serve to help boost the brand image, at least until other makers follow the lead.

In particular Chevrolet should make healthy gains in the pickup truck market, where a 5-year warranty should attract the attention of commercial buyers.

Overall this move would suggest that Chevrolet has confidence in the quality of its product.