Vintage Car Club Invites You to See Pre-World War I Car over 100 Years Old

Vintage Car Club Invites You to See Pre-World War I Car over 100 Years Old “Darracq Suresnes”, nicknamed the “Famous Fifteen”

Vintage Car Club of Thailand and Future Park Rangsit invites you to visit the 34th Vintage Car Concours, entitled “THE GLOSSY HERITAGE AWARDS 2010”, during July 16-18 featuring among others “Darracq Suresnes”, a very rare and legendary pre-World War I car over 100 years old from the land of perfume, one of the precious few remaining in the world.

Mr. Kwanchai Paphatphong, President of Vintage Car Club of Thailand, said “THE GLOSSY HERITAGE AWARDS 2010 is going to be held in a grand style during July 16-18 at Future Park Rangsit. Awaiting visitors will be a legendary “Darracq Suresnes”, a vintage car of over 100 years old from the land of perfume, nicknamed the “Famous Fifteen” or the “Flying Fifteen” owned by Mr. John Smith”.
The charm of “Darracq Suresnes” lies in its styling with green front and wings blending well with the cream doors and body. Old-style narrow tyres match the large 10-spoke wooden artillery wheels. The car is complete with a bulb horn, headlamps and turning lights.

The luxurious leather upholstery is in black. The passenger cabin is quite spacious. The durable fabric top is still serviceable when it rains or the sun gets too hot. The maximum power produced by the 4-cylinder 3000 cc petrol engine is 15 HP, enough to propel the car along at 50-60 kph even with full passenger loading.
The car with its superior performance in the French tradition was produced by Alexandre Darracq who had progressed from the business of making bicycles to manufacturing a few models of electric motor carriage including taxi and pioneering 1-2 cylinder internal combustion engines before coming up with the 4-cylinder 15-HP engine for the new car model called Suresnes, the Parisian suburb where the plant was located.

This model was the most successful especially during 1903–1904 and spawned several plants in Germany, Italy and Scotland. The car had swept so many victories in rallying before the legend came to an end in 1909 when the business was acquired by an Italian partnership that a few years later was renamed Alfa Romeo, maker of the subsequently well known Alfa Romeo marque. Meanwhile “Darracq Suresnes” have become legendary pre-World War I (1914-1918) cars, so precious rare as only a handful of them still survive in the world today.

Apart from “Darracq Suresnes, visitors can view 3 other highlights of the show namely a 1938 Bugatti Type 57, a 1937 2.0-litre Sunbeam-Talbot and a 1939 Morris 8 Series E Tourer, plus over 100 vintage cars and motorcycles.


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