New Cars For 2013 : Toyota Vios

There are literally a handful of mainstream manufacturers in Thailand. Some of the blame for this situation lies with the high levels of tax that forms a barrier to entry for new brands unwilling to invest heavily in manufacturing bases here in Thailand. But, while tax has something to do with it, I believe it is also true to say that the average Thai car owner is very conservative.

Cautious to make a safe purchase, seeking advice from the two generations before them, most people will end up looking at a Toyota or Honda. Little wonder then, that more Thai motorists are interested in news of upcoming Toyota and Honda models than all the other models from all the other manufacturers combined.

One of the most popular Toyota models, the Vios, is about to be updated, and while information is still a little thin on the ground, there are a few images doing the rounds, and some information is starting to leak out.

First, the images:

Toyota Vios Image Front 2013 Not Real

Toyota Vios Image Rear 2013 Not Real

While these images have been shown on several larger auto news sites, I believe that they are photoshopped, and I wouldn't take them as being representative of the final design in any way.

UPDATE: Although these photos do appear to be edited, the facts seem to point to them being very accurate. This IS the 2013 Vios. More images coming soon!

What we can assume, is that the car will be longer and wider than the current model. In this segment, the car to chase is really the Honda City, although, Toyota may also face some competition from the C segment Proton Prevé, thanks to the low starting price and reasonable specification on offer.

Toyota will also need to do something about the visuals also, if they wish to have a wider appeal. The current Vios has a frightened look, thanks to the large headlamps and the shape of the grille. Men generally don't want a car that looks like a frightened hamster.

What we can expect to remain much the same is the engines and transmissions. Toyota seem to have put the brakes on when it comes to engine/transmission development cycles, and the new Vios may well carry over the existing 1.5 litre 109 HP motor, mated with the 4-speed auto. This approach has proven to work just fine for Toyota with both the Altis and the Camry, even when competition have upped their game to include 5-, and even 6-speed gearboxes.

When? Toyota has already rolled out the new Yaris (the hatchback on which the Vios is based) in most markets, while they are still flogging the old version here. However, with the Chevrolet Sonic, Honda City, and even some of the "eco-cars" such as the Nissan Almeria all doing damage to Vios sales, there could be some pressure on Toyota to bring a fresh Vios sooner rather than later.

Confirmed! This is the new Vios. More details here: Toyota Vios at the Bangkok International Motor Show

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Toyota Vios 2013 Front (Photoshopped) Toyota Vios 2013 Rear (Photoshopped)