New 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class - Clown Face

The all-new Mercedes-Benz S-Class was launched recently. While nobody seems to be arguing over the technical strengths of the car, it seems that some of the design features of the car are causing some divided opinions.

2014 Mercedes S-Class Front Image

Here are some issues with the S-Class design:

1. Looks like a big A-Class

Okay, in general, there is nothing wrong with having some consistent design elements across a range. But this usually works best when the smaller cars mirror some traits of the larger car. The Audi A1, for example, inherits some of the distinctive design cues from the larger A4 or even A8.

2013 Mercedes A-Class Front Image

In this case though, Mercedes has elected to give the S-Class some A-Class features, and while the A-Class is a good looking car, when scaled up, it starts to look awkward.

2. The previous S-Class was better looking

The usual trend in car design is to improve and modernise. This car looks like a step backwards. Overall the design of the outgoing car was sharper.

2009 Mercedes S-Class Front Image

3. Clown Face

As bad as things are on the outside, it is the interior where things really start to get super ugly. While there are many parts of the design that are questionable at best, the one that is most offensive and in-your-face is the steering wheel design.

Somehow the S-Class steering wheel reminds me of a clown with a big ugly smile. It is made worse by the dials which are positioned perfectly to provide eyes for the ugly face!

2014 Mercedes S-Class Steering Wheel Clown Face Image2014 Mercedes S-Class Steering Wheel Image

And while this is bad enough, there is another problem with the steering wheel. It looks like it was lifted right out of a lowly Kia Picanto.

Kia Picanto Steering Wheel Image

To be fair, many S-Class owners will never touch the steering wheel, as they will spend their time in the back.

2009 S-Class Front 2013 A-Class Front 2014 S-Class Front 2014 S-Class Steering Wheel Clown Face 2014 S-Class Steering Wheel Kia Picanto Steering Wheel