Ladprao Road Flood Photos

The flooding that has been making life difficult for millions in Thailand since July is now inundating Bangkok. We took a camera and here are some images from Ladprao road taken yesterday.

Bangkok Flood Image

You can click/tap on the thumbnails below to see full size versions.

"Take off your shoes." That's what the driver of this bus shouted at  this young man. Audi A6 being rescued from a flooded lane. Honda Civic going where no other cars dared. This section of road between Chok Chai 4 and Ratchada intersection was closed to normal traffic. Flooded Soi. Pedestrians take care in crossing these. Many of the lanes are lower than the main road. Scenes like this are now commonplace along Ladprao Road. Some brave Taxi drivers will take on the floods, others will shake their head and say "Nam Tuam!" (Thai for 'flood'). This guy is clearly one of he braver types. Some companies and apartment complexes have decided to build high walls in front of their buildings. Clearly they are expecting this to get much worse.