Britain Worst for Road Rage

A recent survey suggests that British roads are the worst in the word in terms of road rage incidents. Before we get too excited here in Thailand, and think that we have finally found an area that Thailand isn't the worst place in the world to be a driver, it is worth pointing out that while Britain does top the list, the list in this case only includes 20 major nations, and Thailand is not included.

The survey also deals with only three categories of road rage: aggressive gestures, verbal aggression, and "blocked in the road" (whatever that is).

I must admit that I have suffered from road rage while driving in Thailand, and find it particularly frustrating when those around me are experiencing the same issue but don't seem to be bothered by it at all. It has been my experience, in Thailand, that the rage will come to a head at a later stage and, in my opinion, it can result in bigger problems than a few heated words or aggressive gestures would have caused.

Source: Auto Express