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GM teases 2017 GMC Sierra Denali 2500HD

GM teases 2017 GMC Sierra Denali 2500HD - The functional hood scoop hints at a new engine for the heavy-duty Sierra. [Left Lane]

Four automakers still using defective Takata airbags

Four automakers still using defective Takata airbags - Some automakers are still using an airbag with a known defect. [Left Lane]

MG enters Thailand – MG6 to go on sale from June

MG might be Chinese owned now, but that didn't seem to do Volvo much harm. The MG6 was designed in the UK, and is built there for that market.

The MG6 is not being put together in Thailand and will be officially launched in June. If you make it to the 2014 Bangkok Motor Show you will be able to preview the car.

Bosch eliminates stick-shift stalling with new eClutch system

Bosch eliminates stick-shift stalling with new eClutch system - Bosch's eClutch promises to make stop-and-go driving much easier for manual transmission users.

Drunk driving deaths up 26% last year in U.K.

Drunk driving deaths up 26% last year in U.K. - Nearly 300 people died in accidents related to drunk driving in the U.K.

SPYSHOTS: Is this the next-gen Suzuki Alto?

Taxi Drivers still say 'NO'

I'm the sort of guy who hates rules. No, I'm not an anarchist. Let me explain. I like rules, but not when they are not enforced or obeyed. For example, if there is a rule saying that smoking is illegal in a public park, I like that rule. But if people smoke regardless, I would much rather if the rule hadn't been established in the first place. That way, I wouldn't have to witness people breaking the rule. I would just happily go about my business, accepting that people are allowed to smoke, and it wouldn't bother me at all.....

Yikes! Shocking MRT Security

Security setup at one of the MRT stations in Bangkok. Wow!

Forklift Accidents

Oh boy!

Chevrolet Cruze launched – 1.8L, 6-speed auto, RM99K

Is the iPad really great?

Seeing as there is so much hype surrounding the iPad, I'm almost afraid to write anything about it, for fear that I'll be misunderstood as simply trying to join in. But, given that what I'm going to write will largely be viewed as a negative assessment of Apple's new product, I'll risk it.

So why am I writing this? Well, mostly because I think there is so much hype, and I want to try and balance things out and help people gain a more balanced perspective.

What is the iPad?

The iPad is a tablet computer. It is not magic, it is not revolutionary, it is simply a tablet computer.

Why I Ditched Ubuntu and Switched to Windows 7

While this is a car site, I'm also a nerd. So, in this blog section I decided to post up this little computer related article. Hopefully it'll be useful to someone.

Electric Cars the Future - Major Automakers Agree

The reason I'm sharing this one is because it seems odd how quickly the hydrogen fuel cell has been forgotten. But not that I'm complaining about that. In the CNN article below you will find the same stuff rehashed over again, but thankfully the fuel cell doesn't feature.

Of course there are the die-hard internal combustion engine loving folks surviving high up in the auto industry, but they will eventually be overturned by sense and reason.

GM emerges from bankruptcy

Now this is a totally expected turn of events. GM is back and to the outside world it is pretty hard to understand what all the fuss was about. Even management seems to be pretty much as you were. Oh well, let's see if they can get things back on track. Good luck to them.

China becomes largest new car market in the world

Of course government stimulus packages can be credited with this statistic, but let's be fair, this day was always going to come. And it's not the US government isn't trying to stimulate car sales either.

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