Toyota Vios replacement testing in Bangkok

The replacement for the Toyota Vios has been spotted in Thailand, and we were correct in assuming that the Japanese Belta was going to be the basis for the car. But that was over a year ago, and we also thought the new model would roll out in 2006! So we didn't get it all right.

Looking very like a Yaris with a boot, the new Vios is likely to share much in common with the 5-door hatchback in addition to the underpinnings, and engine.

Given that it is already testing in Thailand I think we can probably assume a release by the Bangkok International Motor Show in March at the latest.

Pricing might be a touch higher than the outgoing Vios, but should still be low enough to place the new model slightly below the Yaris. Either way it is going to be a popular car, and should boost sales for Toyota. The current Vios has been a very popular little car, but is starting to show its age next to the Yaris and Chevrolet Aveo.