Toyota Vigo Update for Thailand Soon

Now is a great time to buy a new Toyota Vigo, assuming you are in the market for one of course. The reason is that Toyota Thailand are soon to update the Toyota Vigo with a "minor-change" version.

Toyota Hilux Vigo Image

The update will, most likely, just involve a few cosmetic changes, and for those looking for a pick-up truck fashion usually isn't a top concern.

The Vigo is now enjoying some hefty discounting to make room for the facelift model, which should arrive in the next month or so. I have heard reports of discounts between THB 40,000 and THB 50,000 being available depending on the model. Toyota will also be generous with freebies to sweeten the deal.

The minor-change model will feature a new front grille and bumper. In my opinion, neither are an improvement and the grille seems to be a bit on the retro side, harping back to the previous generation Hilux models. Not much else in the way of change, apart from B5 diesel compatibility on the engines.

The Thai model might be somewhat different to the model pictured. This is an image that self-leaked ahead of the official launch in Malaysia.