Toyota Etios in India

Toyota are due to dispaly a new small car in India. The Toyota Etios (apparently meaning "the origin of") at the 2010 Delhi Auto Expo which begins later this week. Usually cars released on the Indian market don't give much insight into the Thai market, but this could be different.

For a start, how much room is there for small sedans? Toyota have the Vios in Thailand at the moment, and it seems hard to imagine anything being more basic and lower equipped that that. And watching the teaser video from Toyota, you'd be forgiven for thinking that this will be the highest quality car on the planet, representing some quantum-leap forward.

Right now it is hard to judge where this car will fit into the market, but from the rumours that are currently floating around, this is probably a Vios sized car.

If so, then this car could well be sitting on the future Vios platform. It's unlikely that this is to be the new Vios.

Until the car is unveiled and more details are released, we are just speculating, which is fun! My thinking at the moment is that this car is unlikely to make it to Thailand at all, due to the overlap that would happen with the current Yaris/Vios pairing.

Here is a link off to some spy pictures of he Etios, presumably from the Delhi Show setup.