Think Pick-Up Trucks are Safe? Think Again!

I'd been waiting for this for a long time, and now finally the Euro NCAP treatment has been dished out on some pick-up trucks. And no, the results are not pretty.

Mitsubishi L200 crash

Trucks tested include the Nissan Navara, Mitsubishi L200 (we call it Triton here in Thailand), and the Isuzu D-Max.

Third Place Goes to Nissan Navara

Of the three trucks tested the Nissan Navara is the worst rated. A single star with a red strike through it on Adult protection. This is incredibly low. Looking at the pictures on the NCAP site, and realising that this crash is at a mere 64 km/h, it is not a pleasant thought to imagine crashing at a higher speed than this. Already the risk of serious injury would make me feel very exposed to physical harm driving at 64 km/h.

Second Place for Isuzu D-Max

Another very poor NCAP result. Look at the damage to the cabin, and the way the floor well is buckled! This is a characteristic of the ladder frame chassis employed by these trucks. If the chassis distorts it can lead to serious intrusions into the cabin.

First Place Mitsubishi L200 (Triton)

If you are looking for the safest truck, you are going to be buying the ugliest. The safest truck tested is the Triton. With a 4 star rating, the triton performance was still poor. Many of the points awarded to the Triton were won for side impact protection. But in a frontal impact the risk of injury is still very high.

Part of the positive results for side impact enjoyed by all three trucks, stems from the fact that non of the trucks have side airbags fitted, and so the pole test was not done.

What about the Toyota Vigo?

Unfortunately the Toyota Vigo wasn't included in this round of testing, but hopefully it will soon. However, the safety conscious buyer will be less than impressed with the Vigo "Moose Test" failure, and already have stricken Toyota's popular truck from their wish list.

Conclusion - Trucks are NOT Safe

Over and over and over again you will hear people talking about how safe their truck is. In some cases people might make a decisions to buy pick-up based on the perception that it will offer superior safety.

These NCAP tests results finally offer some conclusive data.

If you really need a pickup truck, then the Mitsubishi Triton is the safest of the bunch. If you don't really require the utility of a pickup truck, then you would be better to look to a different segment.

Check out the full results on the Euro NCAP website. Just look under the new "Pick-up" category.

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