The future of transmissions: D-Drive

Australian inventor, Steve Durnin, has developed a new transmission system that he believes will be ideal for use in cars. Capable of providing infinitely variable transmission the D-Drive removes the need for a clutch.

The D-Drive is far from simple. But the video below should help.

Within the D-Drive, power is transmitted from the motor through to output via gear teeth. This is important since it means that torque is only limited by the size of the gears, and there are no friction drive components. This is perhaps the most interesting thing about the D-Drive, since most other variable drive systems must rely on some system of friction drive, the downside of which is a limit to the power that can be put through the system before slipping occurs.

The task of explaining how the D-Drive works, is pretty difficult, and it's probably best if you just watch the video:

Sounds cool?

Source : gizmag