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More Thailand International Motor Expo 2006 Photos

Last Thursday I popped up a bunch of photos from this year's Motor Expo. Although I remarked that the show was a bit disappointing, I do want to point out that I'm a car fanatic, and I still enjoyed being able to feast my eyes on some of the most beautiful cars around.

As a follow up to last weeks coverage of the show, I have a second installment of photos to offer. If you still haven't visited the Expo, then you still have a few more days to venture down to Impact, and perhaps these photos will influence you in that direction.

Thailand International Motor Expo 2006 Photos

The Thailand International Motor Expo 2006 kicks off tomorrow but I managed to sneak into today's press and VIP day. Although I went with very low expectations, remembering last year, I was still disappointed with the Expo, and now I'm looking forward to the Bangkok International Motor Show 2007.

For now I have just uploaded some images from the Expo, and over the next few days I'll add more, and update them with some comments and observations.

Report - Thailand Motor Expo 2005

The 2005 Thailand Motor Expo kicked off on December 1, and runs until the 12th. On Friday I made my way to IMPACT Muang Thong Thani with hopes of an enjoyable day. I made use of the free shuttle bus service from Mo Chit BTS station which was easy and painless, although on the bus going to the event the driver insisted on subjecting us to very loud..... music, I suppose you would call it that.

I made use of a voucher from a recent UBC magazine to gain free access to the show, so apart from the journey to Mo Chit Station the event didn't cost me anything. And it's a good thing to because it was a disappointing experience.

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