Tesla Model S - Electric Sedan Video

Tesla Motors are powering ahead with their Model S. The sedan is set for launch as a 2011 model and Tesla are trying to keep us interested, remind us that they are still around, and further heighten or expectations with this latest video.

For the most part it is the usual self-indulgent designer attempting to convince us that this is the greatest design ever. There are some interesting details in the video though and it's worth four minutes for anyone who is looking forward to a world that finally kisses the ICE goodbye. If the Model S is realised, then Tesla is looking set to drag the rest of the industry kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

Enjoy the video.

What is the Thai connection? Well, everyone considering a car purchase should be taking note of the advances being made in the electric car scene right now. We are only a few short years away from practical electric cars being a reality, and the Tesla Model S is only one example. While Toyota is shaping up to launch the Camry Hybrid in Thailand very soon, my money would be staying in the bank. We could be on the verge of a very exciting revolution in the auto industry.