Sornram Kills Woman in Car Crash

Sornram Thepitak, a popular Thai actor, crashed his BMW on Wednesday night killing a 59-year-old woman, destroying a phone-booth, and felling a tree in the process.

Both the Bangkok Post, and The Nation have reported on the "accident" with slightly different reports. I drove past the scene of the accident shortly after it had happened, but didn't pay much attention because I hate rubbernecking, and don't want to be a hypocrite. What my wife and I did notice was the rear end of a BMW 5 series, a tree down blocking some of the road, and a body in the back of a truck, wrapped tightly in cloth, and a lot of people milling around and talking on mobile phones.

I assumed that the driver was the victim, but it seems that Sornram survived with a minor face injury (nosebleed).

Anyway, you can go to the Bangkok Post or Nation web-sites to get the full story, but I just wanted to comment.

The excuse for the accident is that Sornram was tired, sleep deprived, and suffering from the side effects of a flu shot. Frankly if I was tired, sleep deprived, and suffering from the side effects of a flu shot, I think I would not be too interested in driving at 11 pm to go buy a computer game, which is allegedly where Sornram was headed.

If you are tired don't drive! The real sickening issue here is that it will probably cost more for Mr. Thepitak to replace his BMW, than it will to compensate the victims family.

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