Nissan Frontier Navara Calibre - Finally!

Finally, Nissan has joined the 4x2 that looks just like a 4x4 pickup gang. The Nissan Navara Calibre goes head on with the Toyota Vigo Prerunner, Mitsubishi Triton Plus, Isuzu Hi-Lander, and all the other 4x2 in the guise of a 4x4 offerings out there.

The concept is simple. You take the 4x4 truck and you remove 4x4, put in the lower spec engine and offer it only with a manual transmission. Then you market it by making it look like you did things the other way around, showing that you raised the 4x2 truck, stuck on bigger wheels, widened the arches, and added other value.

The Calibre comes in King Cab and Double Cab variants, costing THB 639,000 and THB 715,000 respectively. They both come with the 2.5 litre 144 PS version. The 4x4 has the more powerful 174 PS engine.

There is no disputing the fact that pickup trucks look so much better when they are in 4x4 spec. The larger wheels and additional height suite the styling much better. But there is a case of asking if it is really sensible to buy a truck that looks like a 4x4 but actually isn't. The extra height of a 4x4 is to allow additional ground clearance for off-roading. The bigger tires are to provide better grip during off-roading.

Since the 4x2 truck doesn't have the off-roading ability of the 4x4 neither of these characteristics are of any real benefit. In fact the extra height will diminish handling on the road, and the bigger tires will increase resistance and help the engine to drink more fuel. And of course the tires will cost your arm as well as your leg when you need a new set.

But, since when do any of us ever buy a car based on reason. The Navara Calibre looks so much better than the rest of the 4x2 Navara line-up.