Luxury Equipment Promotes Kindness in S-class Drivers

In reviewing the Mercedes S-class, the Bangkok Post lists and describes a number of optional extras available for the car. The best of these has to be the DISTRONIC PLUS system. From the DaimlerChrysler website:

"Brake Assist PLUS is available in combination with the likewise improved proximity control system DISTRONIC PLUS. This radar-supported system now operates at all speeds between zero and 200 km/h, and ensures even greater driver comfort. In stop-and-go traffic DISTRONIC PLUS keeps the new S-Class at the right distance from the vehicle ahead, automatically brakes the saloon to a standstill if necessary and accelerates it back to the required speed when the traffic starts moving again. In this way the support system reduces the driver's workload and provides considerable benefits in driver-fitness safety."

Sounds good: "... considerable benefits in driver-fitness safety" could also read: "the perfect solution for lazy drivers."

The Bangkok Post makes the following comments:

"Great device, but imagine it working on Thai roads where drivers usually don't keep a proper distance from each other, as well as all kinds of vehicles abruptly cutting in front of your car."

Actually I can imagine it working perfectly on Thai roads. At least S-class drivers would keep a safe distance from the car in front! And if cars, trucks, motorbikes, tuk-tuks, etc. did cut in, the DISTRONIC PLUS system would just back off and let them. Is Thailand about to gain some kind-hearted S-class owners? Two words: "FULL OPTION".