Ignore the Whistle Blowers in Bangkok - Funny Video

If you haven't driven in Thailand you might not be familiar with the whistle blowers that are employed by hotels, department stores, and other businesses to help direct the traffic, and to assist with car parking etc.

As if the sound of a screeching whistle wasn't enough to put you off, the directions given by these whistle blowers is often very confusing, and I often wonder if some of them have ever been behind the wheel of a car.

Anyway, the best thing to do is to mostly ignore them. I say mostly, because you do have to avoid driving over them. But just try to drive in your usual manner. Check you mirrors, look out for approaching cars, and all the rest, because these whistle blowers will not do it for you.

Hopefully with the economic down turn, there will be a move away from supplying jobs to people whose only skills are the ability to blow a whistle and wave an arm around at the same time. We don't need them, and the streets will be safer without them.

If you dissagree please comment below. I'd be interested to know if anyone has had any positive experiences with the Bangkok whistle blowers.