Honda E20 Price Reductions Announced

As you know Honda Automobile Thailand have already announced the price drop for their E20 compatible cars. These price changes take immediate effect, and Honda will even retroactively apply the price drop to customers who made recent bookings. So that's good news.

Here are the highlights........

Honda City ZX

The City will drop from THB 517,000 to THB 484,000 (down THB 33,000) for the A MT base model, while SV AT (AS) will now sell for THB 645,000 down by THB 40,000 from the current price of THB 685,000.

This is quite a drop, considering that these are already budget cars. The pricing for the Jazz is to remain the same however! Given that the Jazz has the same engines as the City, the Jazz should be E20 compatable and qualify for the tax reductions, but perhaps Honda is happy with Jazz sales, or wants to leave the price high enough to support the introduction of the new 2008/2009 model early next year.

Honda Civic

Similarly the Civic will drop by a substantial amount.

The 1.8S models all drop by THB 48,000 making the new prices THB 732,000 for the MT, THB 768,000 for the AT and THB 814,000 AT (AS) model.

The 1.8E models drop by THB 54,000, making the 1.8E AT THB 847,000, and the 1.8E AT (AS) THB893,000!

Finally the range-topping 2.0EL AT (AS) drops by THB 64,000, but the car still looks expensive at THB 1,026,000.

Honda Accord

The new Accord just launched in Thailand, and already the price is dropping, woohoo!! Having said that, the pricing on the new model was higher than the previous model to start with, so this reduction really doesn't increase the competitiveness of the Accord in the way that one might think.

The base model 2.0E drops by THB 80,000 to THB 1,240,000, which is still expensive looking next to the Hyundai Sonata 2.0 EL at just THB 1,075,000. The 2.4E sees a reduction of THB 94,000, to THB 1,376,000, again the Sonata 2.4 EXE is THB 1,285,000.

The 3.5 V6 price remains unchanged. Although it is E20 compatible the Engine is simply so big and the car so expensive, that it doesn't qualify for price drop treatment.

Honda CR-V

The CR-V 2.0S drops by THB 69,000 to THB 1,111,000, the 2.0E is down by 75,000 to THB 1,205,000 and the AWD 2.4 EL drops by THB 91,000 to THB 1,379,000.

So what?

Well, City and CR-V sales should climb, and the City which is already popular should also see a sales surge. This is all good news, and as manufacturers start to be E20 capable more and more price reductions are on the way.

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