Geely CK Enters Small Sedan Fight

The Chinese made Geely (JEE-lee) CK has made its way to Thailand via the Yontrakit group, the Thai import company that has traditionally brought in luxury and premium models. Recently, the company has switched to bargain basement offerings like the Naza Forza, and now the Geely CK.

The Geely CK aims to offer a low-cost alternative to the Toyota Vios and Honda City. Although this might look like a credible option at first glance, the reality is that this car should not be on the road at all, and I believe that Yontrakit are going to regret the decision to bring it to Thailand.

Geely CK - Mercedes-Benz C-Class clone

From the front the styling is obviously a ripoff of the previous generation C-Class.

Geely CK Image

The kidney-bean shaped headlights, and even the front grill and wing mirror design are just to similar to the C-Class, and although the C-Class isn't a bad car to copy, the CX just doesn't pull it off.

Lacking quality

The doors open and close like you would expect from a low cost car coming out of China.... badly. Inside, the look and feel of things is very cheap, but perhaps no more so than in a Proton costing THB 100,000 more.

Geely CX Image

The CK pricing is to start under THB 400,000 when they start shipping next year, and for that sort of money it starts to look less of a joke. Sure, there are some very cheap materials, and there is a smell of oil and chemical residue from the interior that can't be good for you.

Geely CK Image

Geely CK Image

And sure, it is funny looking. But at this price, you can over look a lot of this sort of thing.

Safety issue

However, there is a big problem. One that can't be easily overlooked, and I want to bring it to the attention of anybody who might be considering looking at this car. Safety! The Geely CK is hopeless in a crash.

I could write a lot about this. But just have a look at this video:

Enough said.